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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: numerics and db-lib
Date: Jan 20 1999 3:22PM

>>>>> "Arthur" == Arthur Goldstein  writes:

Arthur> When retreiving numeric data it is returned as a string with
Arthur> many spaces after it when using dblib, but not ctlib.  How can
Arthur> one get it to return a proper number?

Arthur> I.e. within table_t column_c is defined as numeric(10).

numeric(10) is too large to be expressed as a signed integer on 32bit
machines, so you're going to run into problems anyway when the number
gets converted to floating point for large values stored in the

DB-Library does not understand the NUMERIC/DECIMAL datatype, so it
converts the number to a char string. You can make sure the number is
converted to an actual perl number by various methods, but mainly by
evaluating the $value in a numeric context. Alternatively a simple
s/\s//g; substitution should work as well.

(Although I agree that the value returned should not include the
trailing spaces - I'll try to fix that for the next release).

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