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From: Greg Earle <Gregory dot K dot Earle at JPL dot NASA dot GOV>
Subject: Problems compiling sybperl 2.10 on Sol. 2.6/Perl 5.0005.02/Syb. 11.5.1
Date: Jan 13 1999 1:51PM

Hi folks,

I've been asked to upgrade our Perl version from 5.001 to 5.005.02, and
also our SybPerl to 2.10.

I've already built Perl 5.005.02.  Trying to make SybPerl 2.10, I'm
hitting a snag with CTlib.{xs,c}.  I'm compiling with an older (1994)
version of the Sun unbundled SPARCompiler suite, SPARCompiler C 3.0.1.

Here's what I get:

oda3:1:56 [/usr/local/src/lang/perl/sybperl-2.10] # make -k
cc -c -I/usr/local/sybase/include -I/usr/local/include
-I/opt/gnu/include -O     -DVERSION=\"2.10\"  -DXS_VERSION=\"2.10\"
-I/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.00502/sun4-solaris/CORE -DCTLIBVS=100
-DSYBPLVER='"2.10"' -DDO_TIE CTlib.c
"CTlib.xs", line 393: fatal: macro recursion
cc: acomp failed for CTlib.c
*** Error code 2

and later on, the same problem with DTlib.{xs,c}:

cc -c -I/usr/local/sybase/include -I/usr/local/include
-I/usr/gnu/include -I/opt/gnu/include -O     -DVERSION=\"2.10\" 
-I/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.00502/sun4-solaris/CORE -DDBLIBVS=1000
-DSYBPLVER='"2.10"' -DDO_TIE DBlib.c
"DBlib.xs", line 414: fatal: macro recursion
cc: acomp failed for DBlib.c
*** Error code 2

The line it objects to in both cases is

    if((attr_ref != &PL_sv_undef)) {

and the "PL_sv_undef" is what's causing the problem.

Again, the compiler version is

coda3:1:75 [/usr/local/src/lang/perl/sybperl-2.10/DBlib] # cc -V
cc: SC3.0.1 13 Jul 1994

Any help in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated!


	- Greg

Greg Earle				| Gregory.K.Earle@JPL.NASA.GOV
Jet Propulsion Laboratory		| 
Member of Technical Staff		| Phone: (818) 354-6007
Science Data Processing Systems/EIS	| FAX:   (818) 393-6962