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From: glen at SOCRATES dot BERKELEY dot EDU
Subject: Re: compiling Sybperl for Sybase 11.9.2 on Sun
Date: Jan 6 1999 8:41PM

sqlda.h is not a part of the base install for Adaptive Server, and it
is not found in older version of OpenClient.  You need to upgrade your
OpenClient to version 11.x.x.  Adaptive Server 11.5 and higher installs
a runtime version of OpenClient 11 without the static libraries or the
lateste .h files.

You might get these missing files in one of the upgrade patches from
Sybase, but you need a service contract number to access the upgrade
web site.

Unix versions of ASE come with the bonus of a full OpenClient/C developers
kit for Windows.  Why they don't also include a full kit for the server's
platform is another of those mysterious Sybase marketing decisions.

Glen Jackson            
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110 Doe Library
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> Michael Peppler wrote:
> > This is a problem with the Sybase distribution. The sqlda.h file
> > *should* be there. If it isn't then you should contact Sybase to have
> > them ship it to you (or download the linux libraries from my web site
> > and get the file from that distribution.
> >
> >
> Thankyou Michael for your quick response.
> I have contacted my local Sybase office. Unfortunately due to some
> service contract difficulties with my company, Sybase feel unable to help me.
> I have pointed out that they seem to be shipping a faulty distribution regardless
> and that this should be rectified.
> I have looked at your web site and in particular these files. Are these the ones you meant?
> ctlib-linux-elf-dynamic.tar
> ctlib-linux-elf.tar
> They do not contain sqlda.h
> sqlda.h appears to be a more recent addition to Sybase Server
> 11.0.1 does not contain it nor 11.0.3
> regards
> Bernard Harrison
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> Database Publishing
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