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From: "callahan" <callahan at UU dot NET>
Subject: RE: dblogin-->charset cp850 driving me nuts!!!
Date: Sep 30 1998 12:26PM

I would use sybinit, update existing server, install
cp850 character set on the server side.
MS client native char set is cp850, not installed
by default on server.  (btw, i do not make it the
default, just install so i't available if a client
app request same.)

I drove (sometimes still drives) us a little crazy
around here.  I'm not familiar w/sybperl on NT
but can tell you bits of trivia like:
It is a non-fatal message, If you don't need
extended chars, you can ignore.  The problem
arises w/things like:

Borland's Report Smith product will crash and
burn (hand) on the error, not handled very well;)

MS ODBC driver applications will appear to have
some intermittent problems, depends where
(driver config, application call) it's requested.

We have similar problems w/the MAC char set, if it's
not on the server, some MAC apps will fail.

MS NT dos like "ISQL" will print error msg. to screen,
but will not abort session.

Hope this helps, we've really found the easiest way
to deal w/it is adding the char set to the server.
We really do *not* use extended char sets, we just
want to handle the sometimes auto like request for
same w/out returning error of any kind.


> -----Original Message-----
> From:
> []On Behalf Of
> Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 1998 9:18 PM
> To: SybPerl Discussion List
> Subject: dblogin-->charset cp850 driving me nuts!!!
> Ever since "upgrading" to Perl 5.00502, Sybperl 2.09xx I've been getting
> the
> following message:
> Msg 2409, Level 11, State 2
> Server 'XTC', Line 1
>         Cannot find the requested character set in Syscharsets:  name =
> 'cp850'.
> everywhere I use dblogin().  The same thing happens for every
> login used in
>  the
> test scripts.
> Background:
>      -- New Perl built from 5.00502 source on Win NT 4 using VC++ 5
> (multithreading
>      build).  Tests all ok except one POSIX subtest.
>      -- libwin32 0.13 built, tested, and installed all ok.
>      -- Sybperl 2.0905 built ok, tested all ok except for BCP subtest 9 (I
> haven't
>      figured out why it failed yet), installed ok.
>      -- Previous installation was Perl 5.001m + Sybperl for NT binary
> distribution.
>      Everything worked fine, and I definetly did not    receive the above
> message at
>      every login.
> If anyone has any idea why this message should begin appearing in this new
> version,
> I would very much like to know.  I would be particularly interested in
> knowing how
> to fix/supress it, since it breaks many of our existing scripts.
> -joe