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From: "Mark A dot Downing" <mdowning at rdatasys dot com>
Subject: linux sybase
Date: Sep 25 1998 8:21PM

Well, it would appear that I have solved my problems. I was using some
utilities and libraries from Sybase 11.5.0, and they don't work well with

So the run down is this...

The server is a pentium 166 with 64 megs of ram and a 3g hard disk. O/S is
Redhat Linux 5.1. The kernel is 2.1.122.

The database is approx 755,000 rows in about 9 different tables. With the
indexes, data usage is about  213megs. Data devices were created as file
system files.

The webserver is Apache 1.3.1 with modperl 1.15 running on Solaris 2.6.
Sybperl is 2.09_05. Perl is 5.004_04.  Sybase on the solaris box is with open/client 11.1.1.

The plan is to move the webserver frontend to another linux box in the next
week. I did test the webserver on the same linux box, and I am not happy
with the performance yet, but that may simply be a tuning issue.

The last issue I need to resolve is tuning the shared memory parameter in
the kernel. If I run 2.0.35 the shared memory available allows me to run
32megs of ram for sybase. Running 2.1.122 restricts me to 15megs (default).
Once I figure that out, I'll allocate 32 megs for sybase on this dataserver.

Overall, the experience is positive, and I am happy (extremely happy) with
the performance of sybase on Linux! Thanks Sybase!!!!!


Mark A. Downing                       Relational Data Systems
Phone:(714)263-3899 x157         30 Executive Park, Suite 260 
Reply to:              Irvine, CA 92714