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From: "Mark A dot Downing" <mdowning at rdatasys dot com>
Subject: Re: Sybase ASE for Linux
Date: Sep 24 1998 11:33PM

At 02:58 PM 9/24/98 -0700, Neal Lauver wrote:
>  If you don't mind my asking, what tools did you use to move the data
from one
>platform to another?
>Did you use some kind of an object-level backup utility (like
SQL-Backtrack) or
>some other means?
>I'm also looking at moving a database from AIX to Linux and I'm trying to
>out the cleanest
>way to do this.  The database on the AIX box is currently on System 11 and is
>using raw devices.

I am using a combination of things. My first rebuild was basically done
using my original scripts, and my current rebuild was done using a hack of
a logical dump script that was originally written by Michael Peppler. The
web server is Apache, with mod_perl, and the connectivity is via a module I
wrote (Apache::Sybase::CTlib) that uses sybperl.

Anyone wishing to see the site...

Mark A. Downing                       Relational Data Systems
Phone:(714)263-3899 x157         30 Executive Park, Suite 260 
Reply to:              Irvine, CA 92714