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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: Sybase ASE for Linux
Date: Sep 24 1998 9:26PM

Mark A. Downing writes:
 > At 01:52 PM 9/24/98 -0700, you wrote:
 > >That was quick!
 > Yup.  Once I figured out that I cannot run Caldera's RPM on RedHat Linux!
 > >Were there any problems, or was the install smooth?
 > The installation is very nicely thought out. I am running RedHat 5.1
 > (glibc), and the RPMs from RedHat install well. Now if I could only figure
 > out how to use raw devices for my data devices!

According to some discussion in comp.databases.sybase you can use the
linux "raw devices" (which are really block devices) and things will
still work reasonably well:

In article , (Ram Kalapatapu) writes:
> Hi All,
> In case you didn't know this sybase has finally released its 
> flagship dataserver the ASE for linux. It has raw device support
> (or shall I say it seems to?) . I couldn't
> figure out the id (FS Type ID) for raw devices under linux (c)fdisk
> so this what I did: 
> I partitioned as I needed and designated the partitions as FS type 83 (linux).
> Rebooted, _DID_NOT_ run e2fs to create the filesystem. Then chowned the
> partitions meant for sybase to sybase:sybase from root:disk.
> I then ran the sybase installation program sybinit. For master device
> configuration the I gave the device name (/dev/hdb7 in this case ) to create
> master device. sybase took it but warned that the device is a "block device
> not a charecter device" and that it may not be a good idea to use it..
> Is this the way to fool sybase/linux into think it is raw partition? What
> are the caveats with this approach? 
> It sees to work fine but I wonder if is the same as raw devices unbder
> solaris or any other unix?
> I still have to benchmark the system against the solaris databases I use at
> work but from what I see sybase under linux is way too cool! 
> Thanks sybase. Thank you linuxers!
> --Ram

        The difference between a raw device and a normal device are:
        1) raw devices are character devices, others are block
        2) buffering is done on non-raw devices

        So, linux devices aren't true raw devices, but for most purposes,
they're close enough :)

        Brian Wheeler

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