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From: sy50027 at milton dot sbi dot com (Simon Yaminian)
Subject: Re: Obtaining rowcount when updating
Date: Sep 24 1998 8:51PM

> From Thu Sep 24 15:00:09 1998
> From: Michael Peppler 
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> Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 11:31:27 -0700 (PDT)
> To: SybPerl Discussion List 
> Subject: Obtaining rowcount when updating
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> Simon Yaminian writes:
>  > Hello,
>  > 
>  >    I noticed that when updating a table, $dbh->dbresults call does not return
>  > "NO_MORE_RESULTS" but the first $dbh->dbnextrow call returns NULL. Anyone knows
>  > the reasoning behind this? Also with this setup, how can we get the count of
>  > all rows affected in the update process?..
> Perfectly normal.
> The first dbresults() is for the actual insert, and on an insert there 
> are no rows, so dbnextrow() returns an empty array.
> The second call to dbresults() will return NO_MORE_RESULTS (if there
> was only one insert statement).
> YOu get the number of rows affected with DBROWS.
> Michael
> -- 
> Michael Peppler         -||-  Data Migrations Inc.
>       -||-
> Int. Sybase User Group  -||-
Thanks for your reply;

   I tried getting the number of rows using $dbh->DBCOUNT after an update
and it returned 0. Even with the insert, it returned 0.

   Is there any other consideration I am not aware of.

Simon Yaminian