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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Packed Fields (BCD)
Date: Sep 21 1998 5:20PM

Curtis Johnson writes:
 > I realize that this question is not exactly specific to sybperl..
 > but I thought there might be a few people that have run into
 > this issue on this list...
 > We have a file that has packed decimal fields (specifically,
 > Driver License Number) and we need to bcp this or a
 > modified file into a Sybase table.  
 > It is my understanding that packed decimal is just
 > binary-coded decimal, with the last 4 bits representing the
 > sign.  I understand how to read and convert it (on paper...),
 > but I have some 17 million rows...
 > Are there any functions (sybase, perl, sybperl) that handle
 > such conversions for me?  I thought that my best bet would
 > be to read the file and write a new one (with a PERL script)
 > that is in standard sybchar data type format...

That's what I would do.

I haven't had to deal with BCD in a *long* time, and I don't remember
what the format looks like exactly... But I'm pretty sure that it can
be handled quite easily with pack/unpack, substr and maybe chr/ord.

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