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From: "Dinan, Danila" <Danila dot Dinan at vtmednet dot org>
Subject: RE: list SYBPERL-L: List Message Rejected
Date: Sep 17 1998 3:05PM

> I am using sybperl dblib library to access sysbase.
> It seems that the first SQL command I send to the server kicks out a
> syntax
> error even tough the syntax is correct.
> I used the dbstrcpy command to make sure the command buffer is the way I
> think it is. I am also processing the results after each sqlexec command
> using:
>             while( $dbh->dbresutls != NO_MORE_ROW ) {
>                   while( @data = $dbh->dbnextrow ) { }
> 	}
> The command I am using is: select 1 from sysobjects where type='V' and
> name='viewname'
> If I run the same command again, I get no error the second time.
> Is there something I need to do after using the $dbh->dbuse($database) to
> clean up, it seems that the       problem only occurs on the first
> command.
>      This is my first attemp at using sybperl and I very much apreciate
> any
> insight and suggestion you might have.
>       Thanks in advance.
>   Danila Dinan
>   Fletcher Allen Health Care
>   Burlington, VT 05401
>    Phone: (802)651-8375 
>    mail: