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From: "Cross, David" <david dot cross at csfb dot com>
Subject: RE: dereferencing
Date: Sep 11 1998 1:18PM

> ----------
> From: 	pang khong lin[]
> Sent: 	11 September 1998 08:33
> To: 	SybPerl Discussion List
> Subject: 	dereferencing
> $sql = " select something from something";
> $ta_no = $dbh->ct_sql("$sql");
> How do you get the value of $ta_no ? How do you dereference it ? I only 
> have those notes from, anyone has other source of 
> information , examples?
$ta_no will now be a reference to an array. Each element of that array will
be a reference to another array. Each element of these arrays will be a
value returned from the database. To demonstrate:

my ($row, $col);

foreach $row (@$ta_no)
    foreach $col (@$row)
        print "$col\t";
    print "\n";

To directly access the data that's in row $r and column $c use:


Therefore if you know that your statement only returns one row you can
simplify the above to:

my $col;

foreach $col (@{$ta_no->[0]})
    print "$col\t";

And if you know that you your statement only returns one row and one column
you can simplify it even more to:

print "$ta_no->[0][0]\n";

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more help,