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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: SYBASE variable
Date: Sep 10 1998 8:57PM

Kurt A. Seiffert writes:
 > We ran across this problem when we had compiled Syb-perl against 11.1
 > Open-client included with Sybase 11.5, but then tried to use it where
 > our SYBASE variable pointed at a 10.02 Open-client as with 11.0x.
 > For instance, compile sybperl with SYBASE=/opt/sybase/sybase115.
 > Then run sybperl with SYBASE=/opt/sybase/sybase1102.
 > We got the same error message. The reason had to do with the 11.1
 > Open-Client having a seperate directory for the localization files. If
 > you examine the 11.1 directory structure you can spot the difference. I
 > think we were also able to patch this by placing the a link to the 11.1
 > localization files in the 10.02 directory tree. I don't have the details
 > in front of me. 

There are the localization files, and also the config/ directory which 
does not exist under OC 10.x.

So OC is *not* backwards compatible in that sense, but the other
way usually works (ie having sybperl compiled with the 10.x libs
directed at using an 11.x installation tree).

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