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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at mbay dot net>
Subject: Stored procs/SQL syntax error catching in DBI/DBD::Sybase
Date: Sep 9 1998 10:59PM

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Aravind Subramanian writes:
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 > We are having problems with processing result sets returned from
 > DBI/DBD::Sybase.
 > The code snippet below is used to process result sets. It enters into an
 > infinite loop (in the inner do-while block) when the sql that these
 > results were obtained from had a
 > syntax error.
 > For example, if the sql statement sent a stored procedure a varchar
 > where it should have used a NUMERIC(8,3), the code does *not* exit the
 > fetchrow_hashref controlled block.
 > The output is:
 > ********Result set 1
 > key = COL(1): value = -6

This first result set is the return status from the stored proc. In
this case, because the stored proc is not even executed (data
conversion failed) it returns -6 by default (this is a standard error
return code in Sybase).

Now normally $sth->{syb_more_results} should return 0 after this.

Which version of DBD::Sybase are you running?

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