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From: Marco Hernandez <mahern at digi-ham dot new-york dot ny dot us>
Subject: Re: Digital Unix 4.0 test failure
Date: Sep 9 1998 6:02PM

On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Michael Peppler wrote:

> Marco Hernandez writes:
>  > Greetings,
>  > 
>  > Has anyone successfully build sybperl on a Digital Unix 4 system.  We
>  > recently upgraded our server from 3.2G to 4.0D and I can't get sybperl to
>  > work.

Thanks to Michael and all the other folks who responded.  The problem it
seems is that DEC (or should I say Compaq) UNIX 4.0D now ships with the
Berkeley DB Library standard (in /usr/lib).  The default perl install
finds it and links in db support.

The problem arises with the autoloader(?), when it makes a call to db_open
it uses the Berkeley version and fails ! 

Recompiling perl w/o db support was the solution to that woe !

Another problem was that you must create links to your $SYBASE/lib
directory from any of the following: 


This is where the runtime loader searches ....  I convinced my sysadmin to
do it from /usr/local/lib.  You can alternatively set an LD_LIBRARY_PATH
environment variable but because cgi is our main use of sybperl, and you
can not set this from within your script, it was easier to have the links
made. If you don't do this, your cgi will fail to find the sybase

The alternative is to change the shared library search paths (see
loader(5)) in the runtime loader.