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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at mbay dot net>
Subject: Digital Unix 4.0 test failure
Date: Sep 9 1998 5:42PM

Marco Hernandez writes:
 > Greetings,
 > Has anyone successfully build sybperl on a Digital Unix 4 system.  We
 > recently upgraded our server from 3.2G to 4.0D and I can't get sybperl to
 > work.
 > The system is:
 > A DEC Alphaserver 8400 DEC OSF1 V4.0D
 > Sybase Open Client 
 > Sybase CTISQL Utility/11.1.1/P/DEC AXP/OSF/1 4.0/1/OPT/Fri Aug  8 16:33:07
 > 1997
 > This is perl, version 5.004_04 built for alpha-dec_osf
 > I get one really minor compile error:
 > cc: Warning: DBlib.xs, line 4255: In this statement, the referenced type
 > of the 
 > pointer value "buf" is "char", which is not compatible with "unsigned
 > char".
 >     RETVAL = dbmoretext(dbproc, size, buf);
 > -------------^

These can be safely ignored.

 > And on make test:
 > t/bcp...............Can't call method "sql" without a package or object
 > reference at t/bcp.t line 49.
 > dubious

This means that the DBlib module does not load.
This is probably the result of some weird configuration problem, or a
missing library. OpenClient on DEC Unix seems to be very finicky about 
libraries, unfortunately.

According to sybooks
DEC Unix needs 

	-L$SYBASE/lib -lsybdb -ldnet -lm

in the library string to build a DBlibrary app.

You should check the DBlib/Makefile and optionally edit the
EXTRALIBS/LDLOADLIBS macros to correspond to the line above and see if 
that helps.

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