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From: Brad Dietrich <dietrich at www dot bd-cons dot com>
Subject: Successful CTLib on RedHat Linux 5.1 with Apache
Date: Sep 3 1998 4:13AM


After searching for an answer to the same problem I see on you mailing
list, I decided to take it upon myself to institute the fixes to the
problems that were found by Ted Law.  I wasn't sure how to provide a
smaller patch version of the offending library, so the tar ball included
contains the full patched library as well as source, object and library
code for the glue function that I implimented (under Michael Peppler's

Basically, I just renamed the function sigaction to sybaction in the
libsybtcl.a library, then implimented sybaction to convert the
structures between the one expected by glibc on RedHat and the one ctlib
was compiled against.

I compiled sybperl by linking in the library libsybaction.a which is
included in both source and binary format by including it in the
extralibs file.  Probably could be included in the CONFIG file as well.

I have had success running with the resulting perl binary under Apache
on my RedHat 5.1 (kernel 2.0.35), but don't offer any guarantees for
anyone else.

I reccomend backing up your libsybtcl.a file as the one included in here
has been modified.

You can get my fix at:

Please feel free to distribute if you would like.



P.S. Michael,  I am copying you in case I didn't address this mail
properly to go to the whole list.  Also, please feel free to include on
your website if you feel it deserves it.