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From: Mihai Ibanescu <misa at dntis dot ro>
Subject: freetds-0.21
Date: Aug 31 1998 8:49PM


	You'll find attached the first version of the GNUified freetds.
I've changed, but not dramatically, the directory structure. I've modified
the README file. No code modification at all. Just renaming of all
unittests in the sample subdir.
	The libtool has added support for dynamically liked libraries. Had
no time to check wether they work or not.
	The TDS version is now a configuration option (run 
./configure --with-tdsver=4.2 for TDS 4.2).
	Byte order is determined by configure.
	Brian, please complete the AUTHORS file and then release another
version (in the version number, then `make dist'). With no
permission I've added myself there :-)
	Still some work to do. But I'd appreciate if others will test it
(it's 11PM and have to go home and zzzz) and report me any
bugs/suggestions/enhancements. I'd like to hear from Big Endian guys,
since I have no Sparcs/Alphas around. Is that option really working!?

Best wishes, and good luck,


	Mihai Ibanescu			Dynamic Network Technologies	      Moara de Foc 35, et. 7, 6600 Iasi			    tel. +40-32-252936