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From: Marco Hernandez <mahern at digi-ham dot new-york dot ny dot us>
Subject: Re: Sybperl on IRIX 6.4 IP22
Date: Aug 21 1998 2:16PM

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Michael Peppler wrote:

> Tomki Camp writes:
>  > I'm having difficulties compiling on my platform..  I am pretty sure
>  > that I've tried all the things suggested in the FAQ.  I get an error
>  > telling me:
>  > ld32: FATAL 12: Expecting n32 objects: /usr/sybase/lib/ is o32
>  > I'm not really a competent C programmer, so I don't know what that means
>  > or what I ought to do to get around it.  Is there a precedent for
>  > this?

I was at the opposite end of this a few weeks back.  O32 perl and N32
open client.

If you get the latest Sybase Open client they only come in N32 and N64.
Sybase has dropped support for O32 (it appears).  This is OC version has
both N32 and N64.  Compile perl using the -n32 flag.

The other alternative is to install the perl off the sgi freeware CD,
which is o32 and rather up to date (I think 5.003 ?) and relink using the
O32 Open Client runtimes that you have.

Hope this helps ...

Marco Hernandez