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From: Mihai Ibanescu <misa at dntis dot ro>
Subject: Re: sybperl and RedHat 5.1 (again)
Date: Aug 20 1998 3:00PM

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Michael Peppler wrote:

> Mihai Ibanescu writes:
>  > 	All right, let's see whst this FreeTDS is about... I know about it
>  > for a couple of months but had no time to look at it. Basically it's an
>  > Open Client, but a free one, with sources laying around on the Net. I have
>  > the archive, I have the link but the site seems to be down:
>  > 
>  >
> I tried to build it, but it doesn't work on Solaris.
> In addition a lot of functionality (like dbretdata() for example) is
> currently missing, which makes it's use pretty limited for building
> sybperl, unfortunately.

	Mine does not work at all. Yet. There is a bug somewhere, I'm
chasing it right now. segfault() :-)


	Mihai Ibanescu			Dynamic Network Technologies	      Moara de Foc 35, et. 7, 6600 Iasi			    tel. +40-32-252936