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From: sy50027 at milton dot sbi dot com (Simon Yaminian)
Subject: Re: Use of variables in batch files
Date: Aug 17 1998 5:16PM

> From Mon Aug 17 12:49:32 1998
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> From: "Chris Jack" 
> Subject: Re: Use of variables in batch files
> Date: Mon, 17 Aug 98 17:49:04 PDT
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> If you are using isql, the 'go' statement is mandatory.
> I tried your statements in a batch file redirected to isql.
> With a 'go' statement it produced the expected results.
> Without a 'go' it produced nothing.
> Chris Jack (
> ----------
> >
> >   The 'go' statement is not mandatory.
> > ...
> > Regards
> >
> > Simon Yaminian
> >
> Thanks for the reply;

  I don't know about isql. I use Sybperl's $dbh->dbcmd command to put together
the batch commands and later use the $dbh->dbsqlexec to execute them. In this
setup having or not having the "go" statement as the last command does not make a difference, both produce the same incomplete results which is the showplan 
only and not the actual data.

   This I suspect has to do with the use of the variable @count. When not using any variables, all results are coming out.

   Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Simon Yaminian