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From: Brad Collins <bradc at micromuse dot com>
Subject: Re: A cgi ?
Date: Aug 13 1998 4:56PM

On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, Brad Collins wrote:

> I'm just full of tedious questions this week aren't I? :)
> Anyhow, I've built a handy "History" tool on the web.  It works
> flawlessly
> from one database, it's actually right nifty if I do say so my self :) I
> digress.
> We've created a new database, and I'm trying to run the same reports
> across it to no avail.  I get this:
> Server message:
> Message number: 416, Severity 16, State 1, Line 1
> Message String: Create of work table failed because row size would be
> 2106.  This exceeds the maximum allowable size of a row in a table,
> 2014.
> The difference between the old database and new database (on the same
> dataserver) is one column has increased from a numeric(8) to a
> numeric(24)

s/numeric/char/g :)

> and we have added about 12 columns.
> I wrote another sybperl script that sucks all the data out of the old
> database and builds a huge insert file in the new order.  All the old
> data
> has been successfully populated into the new Database.
> If I do this exact same query sybperl is trying to do from isql it works
> fine, however when I run the script I get the error message above.
> I'll be glad to provide source if its needed!
> Thanks for your help!
> Brad
> Micromuse.