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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at mbay dot net>
Subject: Sybperl and MS SQL?
Date: Jul 24 1998 2:32PM

Hugh Caley writes:
 > Forgive my newbieness...
 > I am successfully using Sybperl to put Solaris-based Sybase data on the
 > web; I have now been asked to do the same for data on an MS SQL database
 > on an NT machine.  Is it possible to do this using Sybperl, or do I need
 > some kind of ODBC driver?  

You can use DBI + DBD::ODBC, or the MSSQL::* modules written by Erland 
Sommarskog (they're a direct port of Sybase::DBlib to the MS-SQL
version of DBlibrary). You can get contact info for Erland on my web
page (see .sig below).

If you have the Sybase OpenClient libs on the NT box you could also
use straight Sybperl as the protocol is the same, although future
compatibility *could* become an issue as MS-SQL 7.x and Sybase 11.x
drift apart.

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