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From: "Lee Falkenhagen" <falkenl at HOTMAIL dot COM>
Subject: getting results from select in an associative array
Date: Jul 23 1998 4:28PM

I am executing a stored procedure that executes as its last statement a 
select statement.  When in WISQL, the sp returns the rows in order.  
However, with the following code, it returns the rows a different order.  
I can not figure out what order it returns it in.

I need to keep the results in the same order because I am creating a 
flat file to load on a mainframe.  I need to have the key, because, 
later in the loop, I do not want to print certain columns.

Anyone know how to get the columns in the order of the select?

        $::dbh->dbcmd("exec proc_oi_case ");
        if ($::dbh->DBROWS ne FAIL) {
        $dbh1 = Sybase::DBlib->dbopen();
        open(OUTPUT, ">".$::SOURCEDIR."");
        $l_datacount = 0;
        while (%data = $::dbh->dbnextrow(1)) {
                while (($key,$value) = each %data) {
                        print "key = $key \n";
                        print OUTPUT "$value";

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