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From: phil_groce at cmcsmart dot com (Phil Groce)
Subject: web.sql (was: RE: SybPerl DBlib/CTlib/DBD)
Date: Jun 24 1998 2:01PM

At 07:58 PM 6/23/98 -0700, Michael Peppler wrote:
>This might be a little exagerated. Sybase used code that I wrote in
>web.sql, and in that sense it was supported. So my Sybase::CTlib
>module is basically the same as the module that lives in
>web.sql. However web.sql never was very successful, so I doubt that
>they will continue to support it for long (if indeed they still do!)

As a brief aside, I think that had more to do with their implementation of
Perl than it ever did with Michael's code.  I have been using it for the
last year, and it's a decent piece, by and large, but it has definitely got
rough edges when trying to use advanced features of Perl. (By this I mean
mostly objects -- they seem to implicitly import CTLib and DBLib calls into
the main namespace, which of course doesn't carry to other package
namespaces.)  They also don't provide any (documented) facility for
importing CPAN packages, which is a shame.

Ironically, the best way to implement objects that use the database in
web.sql, in my experience, has been to use a SQL handle wrapper object that
explicitly imports Sybase::CTLib.

Can't comment on the support -- I haven't used it in a while.  They still
sell it on their website, but it doesn't look like any development has been
done on it in ages.  All in all, the free solution's better -- if I had it
to do over, I'd use mod_perl and Apache.