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From: "W dot Phillip Moore" <wpm at ms dot com>
Subject: problems with sybperl 2.09.05
Date: Jun 24 1998 1:26PM

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Peppler  writes:

Michael> I believe there have been some issues with the -n32
Michael> compilation flag (I'm not an SGI person, but I seem to recall
Michael> that certain versions of the Sybase libs were built without
Michael> that flag (or with a different flag) causing them to be
Michael> incompatible...)

While I highly recommend using 'cc -n32 -O3', possible with -mips4,
IFF all of your hardware are mips4 CPUs or better.  You'll get a
30-50% performance improvement over 'cc -32'

Unfortunately, this means that *ALL* of the infrastructure libraries
against which you link must also be -n32 objects.  The OS provides all 
3 types (-32, -n32 and -64) for the majority of the system libraries,
and you can compile things like libgdbm.a yourself.

However, the Sybase open client libraries, as released frrom Sybase,
are -32.  I know for a fact that -n32 libraries exist, because... we
have them ;-) We received, after a fair amount of yelling and
screaming, -n32 versions of the System 11 Open Client libraries
compiled -n32, and using those, I converted out entire perl5.004
infrastructure to -n32 -- big win in stability and performance.

You'll have to go direct to Sybase to get these libraries.  I am not
our Sybase contact, technical or otherwise, and don't know what the
official availability of these libraries are, but I confirm they