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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at mbay dot net>
Subject: SybPerl DBlib/CTlib/DBD
Date: Jun 24 1998 2:58AM

Rupert Woodman writes:
 > Hi Michael,
 > I use your SybPerl package pretty extensively at work - generally for
 > web-based queries and updates, and have found it extremely useful.  However,
 > after speaking to Sybase, reading your homepage, and looking at the Perl
 > homepage, I'm more than a little confused.  I'd be grateful if you could
 > answer the following questions for me:
 > 1) Sometime last year, I spoke to Sybase about availability of DBlib
 > courses, but were told that they no longer did them as the product was now
 > unsupported - it had been superceeded by CTlib.  This seems to contradict
 > your article for the Sybase User Group where you say that DBlib will
 > continue to be supported by Sybase, though no enhancements will be made to
 > it (and presumably no bug fixes?).

I wrote the article in early 1996. Since then support for DBlibrary
has been dropped by Sybase, although DBlibrary is still shipped with
the OpenClient package (and I admit it's the API I usually use,
because I can write DBlibrary code in my sleep :-)

 > 2) You say the Sybase::CTlib module is becoming a supported product.  Can
 > you clarify by who and what level of support that would be?

This might be a little exagerated. Sybase used code that I wrote in
web.sql, and in that sense it was supported. So my Sybase::CTlib
module is basically the same as the module that lives in
web.sql. However web.sql never was very successful, so I doubt that
they will continue to support it for long (if indeed they still do!)

 >  Though I have
 > had excellent support from you via your mailing list whenever I've had
 > problems, I'm concerned that should you get hit by a bus (!), my company
 > would be in a situation where there would be no support for a key part of
 > the internal systems.  Also, the support you give is obviously unofficial,
 > so if you're very busy, it *could* be a couple of days before I got a
 > solution to a problem.

How long does it take to get a response from Sybase for a problem?

Commercial support for perl can be gotten from the perl clinic (see
the links off of, and there are lots of perl & sybperl
users around who can help fix things in the event that I'm not around
to help. This happened in 1996 when I released a version of sybperl
that had a major memory leak (2.05) and I then was off-line for a
couple of months. The problem was found (and fixed) by folks on the
sybperl mailing list.

 > 3) I see that you're writing a DBD::Sybase module.  Once that is finished
 > (do you have any idea on timescales for this?), support of all three
 > packages would probably consume more of your time than you have available.
 > The impression that I get is that DBD is the Perl perferred way of doing
 > things (I may be wrong here?), so will the other 2 modules have a
 > future?

There is no timeframe for completing the DBD::Sybase module. Work
progresses as and when I have time, which isn't very often at the
moment. Both DBD::Sybase and the Sybase::* modules will continue to be 
supported in the future, if only because Sybase::{DB|CT}lib is a lot
more flexible and is the more obvious way to do things in a Sybase

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Int. Sybase User Group  -||-