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From: Yao Fei <yaofei at usa dot net>
Subject: sybperl on RH5.1
Date: Jun 23 1998 6:00AM

I've installed  SybPerl 2.09.05 on a RedHat 5.1 Linux box, with dynamic
Sybase CTlib, then I moved some simple CGIs  from my old Slackware 3.4
WWW server to this new one.

But now I can't run them!

If I run this small scripts (mostly is very simple query , such as
'SELECT * FROM.." in command line, it works fine.

If I get rid off the "use Sybase::CTlib;" , it works, but can't access
the backend MS SQL Server 6.5 .

Apache's error message is

[Tue Jun 23 02:12:08 1998] access to /home/httpd/cgi-bin/ failed
for, reason: Premature end of script headers

My scripts is
use Sybase::CTlib;

my $dbh = new Sybase::CTlib('sa', '', 'PROSERVER');

$dbh->ct_sql("use HangTian");

my $sql = 'SELECT * FROM QuesAnsw
          WHERE id < 1005 ';
my @rows = $dbh->ct_sql($sql);

my $thisrow;
foreach $thisrow (@rows) {
        print ${$thisrow}[1]." ---- ".${$thisrow}[2]."\n" ;

Oh help me.

Yao Fei.