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From: "W dot Phillip Moore" <wpm at ms dot com>
Subject: Re: standard execution of stored proc
Date: Jun 17 1998 5:27PM

>>>>> "Kurt" == Kurt A Seiffert  writes:

Kurt> Does nsql work with Sybase::CTlib or only DBlib. I'm trying to
Kurt> standardize on CTlib because of Sybase's direction and that I do
Kurt> a lot of work from Linux.

Funny you should ask....

Not yet.

We are also keen to move from DBlib to CTlib, primarily because we can
then use Kerberos to authenticate to properly configured servers, and
do away with all the password-in-a-file hacks that people use today.

I see no reason why the same method, with an identical interface,
couldn't be coded using CTlib.  Its a tuit problem more than anything

I have it on my personal list as a strategic enhancement for Sybase
development here at Morgan Stanley, and if/when I get around to
copding it, it will be submitted to Michael as an enhancement to the

Of course, anyone else is welcome (and herby encouraged) to proceed
without me ;-)