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From: "W dot Phillip Moore" <wpm at ms dot com>
Subject: Re: standard execution of stored proc
Date: Jun 17 1998 3:28PM

>>>>> "Raja" == Raja Sambamurty  writes:

Raja> Personally, I have been a convert ever since Michael enlightned
Raja> me about ->sql and now thats about all I use. I haven't had a
Raja> scenerio where it hasn't done what I am looking to do. I think
Raja> it beats the heck out of doing the whole loop with
Raja> dbcmd,dbexec,dbresults&dbnextrows combo. It also suits me well
Raja> since I loath to type more than I have to :-) my $0.02 worth

Have you also then tried using nsql()?  If you like what the sql()
method can do for your code, you'll probably appreciate the nsql()
method even more.

Basically, nsql() was based on sql(), with several key enhancements.