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From: "W dot Phillip Moore" <wpm at ms dot com>
Subject: Re: standard execution of stored proc
Date: Jun 17 1998 1:06PM

>>>>> "Lee" == Lee Falkenhagen  writes:

Lee> Okay, so that works pretty well.  Why would you ever want to use
Lee> dbcmd, dbsqlexec, and dbresults if you can do the same thing with
Lee> nsql or sql?  It looks like even multi statement sql works with
Lee> the sql command.

IM!HO, you wouldn't.  I have put a fair amount of effort into making
nsql() as bullet proof as possible, simply because properly calling
and error checking the DBlib routines is not trivial.
nsql() makes it trivial, and for *most* SQL it will work fine (I'd say 
all, but there are surel some perverse exceptions...)

I support 100's of perl developers at one of the largest Wall Street
Firms, and over the past few years, the most common problems I've seen
with Sybase::DBlib code are that people either don't error check
correctly, or they don't keep calling dbresults until there are no
further results to parse.

Please give the nsql method a try.  If the documentation isn't clear,
or you find anything about it confusing, please let me know.