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From: Vlad Markov <vlad dot dvoichenko-markov at bellatlantic dot COM>
Subject: Re: HP-UX and Sybperl
Date: Jun 12 1998 12:39PM

Robb Canfield wrote:
> I need to install Sybperl (and DBI) on a 'HP-UX  B.10.20 A 9000/811'
> system. The problem is I am not the administrator.  I only need a static
> version, I actually prefer static for my situation, but was unable to
> successfully perform 'make'. I get a number of messages indicating critical
> compiler errors. Do I need to install 'gcc' as some previous threads
> suggested or is this necessary for a STATIC build? If I need 'gcc' can
> anyone direct me to a resource that helps explain all of the pieces and a
> procedure for doing this.
> Thanks
> P.S.: I have sucessfully installed Sybperl/DBI under RedHat Linux 5.0 and
> am having wonderful success with it.
I have built Perl and SybPerl on a "HP-UX segal B.10.20 A 9000/712
2012641838 two-user license" using the HP ansi C compiler. If you read
the blurb about configure you can target another directory rather than
the default for your installation. You will need to do that because not
being root you can't install it in the default location.

If I understand correctly Perl is already made and you are building
SybPerl to hook up with the already installed Perl but you need SybPerl
to be in another area because you aren't root. I don't know how to do
that but would suspect that configure would have some defines for that.

Good Luck,