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From: Eric Johanson <ERICJ at AMC-DIRECT dot COM>
Subject: IIS 3.0, and SSI
Date: Jun 12 1998 6:30AM


I've managed to get stumped. :)

I'm using the Server Side Include functions of IIS, and have gotten them to
work to a limited extent.
Using a tag such as this works fine:

however, this returns and error:

The error it returns is:
Failed to execute CGI script
'd:\inetpub\wwwroot\amc-mp\cgi-bin\banner\':  Win32 Error Code = 5

Both microsoft's site, and everyplace else I've looked, has very little
information about SSI. 

.pl files are associated with d:\perl5\bin\perl.exe, and the script works
great from the command line. 
The tags I talked about above, are running from a .STM file, that (inside
the registry) is pointed to:

I'm guessing that this DLL file is what launches the script. 

I'd like to call the script from the CGI call, because I'm hoping that I can
get "Referrer" data. Will this work?

Anyone have any ideas?

Eric Johanson - Web Engineer
Advanced Multimedia Concepts - Redmond, WA
425 558 3125 -

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Bryan Murtha []
> Sent:	Thursday, June 11, 1998 6:43 PM
> To:
> Subject:	timestamps
> please help,
> Q1
>    I know this is a newbie question but please bear with me. I have
> checked the FAQ's and found nothing. I need to write a subroutine that
> will verify that the user is submitting the form 48 before the time they
> need what they are requesting. I realize I can use time() to figure out
> the time stamp. However how can I turn their request time in the form into
> a timestamp so that I can compare it against the current time. Or is there
> a perl library that will solve this problem in a more elegant fashion.
> Q2 
>    I have recently moved to San Francisco. Are there any perl groups out
> here that anyone is aware of?   
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