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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: RE: dbsqlsend
Date: Jun 9 1998 10:22PM

Wechsler, Steven M writes:
 > > 
 > What exactly would dbsqlsend, as implemented above, do?  According to
 > the DB-Lib manual, it "Send[s] a command batch to the server and do[es]
 > not wait for a response. "

This implementation would do exactly what the C implementation
does. I've never used it, but if I understand correctly you can use
dbsqlsend() to submit your query to the server and it will return
immediately. YOu then call dbsqlok() at a later time to find out how
it went, and then dbresults() (in a loop)...

 > How would using your implementation differ from the standard C
 > implementation?  What's involved in getting Asynch I/O to work?  If
 > dbsqlsend doesn't wait for a response, isn't that pretty much what I'm
 > looking for (since dbsqlok is already implemented)?  Or is there more
 > involved that I'm missing?

I don't know what you're missing - I've never played with asynch

Maybe you should look at what dbpoll() does...

 > >I might add this sometime in teh future, but time is short...
 > Actually, time is infinite (or so they tell me).  *Life*, on the other
 > hand... :-)


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