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From: Ronald Page <Ron dot Page at asu dot edu>
Subject: RE: CTlib initialization error
Date: Jun 9 1998 7:25PM

What's the AFS ACL on the $SYABSE directory?

Since I first posted, we moved perl and sybase to local files to take
AFS out of the equation.  The sybase home directory has world rwx
permission.  Three other things:

(1) When I run the thing locally (not thru the web server) it compiles
(which you would expect because it did run under Apache as well).

(2) When commenting out the "use" statement, the program compiles and I
can print the environment variable, which is correct (and set before the
use statement)

(3) I just switched to the use statement from CTlib to DBlib and it
compiles fine (I did this because other DBlib apps are running fine). 

>  Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 09:59:40 PDT
>  From: Ronald Page 
>  Subject: CTlib initialization error
>  To: SybPerl Discussion List 
>  Message-id: <>
>  X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.1960.3)
>  Reply-To:
>  Sender:
>  I'm using Perl 5.004_004, Sybperl 2.08 under Solaris 5.5 and Netscape
>  Server.
>  I ported an application that works fine from a similiar box under
>  server.  The biggest difference is that the new location uses AFS
>  instead of local file space.
>  The error I'm getting is from the the use Sybase::CTlib statement.
>  Below is the message (which is ultimately generated from "CTlib.c").
>  Obviously we've verified that the SYBASE environment variable is set
>  correctly.  TIA.
>  --
>  Ronald Page
>  Information Technology
>  Arizona State University
>  Error:
>  The context allocation routine failed when it
>  tried to load localization files!! One or
>  more following problems may caused the
>  failure Cannot access the sybase home
>  directory, please check environment
>  variable SYBASE or ~sybase
>  Sybase::CTlib initialize: cs_ctx_alloc()
>  failed at
>  /usr/local/lib/perl5/sun4-solaris/5.00404/
>  line 185. BEGIN failed--compilation
>  aborted at
>  /usr/local/www/develop/epo/cgi-bin/login.cgi
>  line 18.