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From: philip dot c dot w dot chan at hsbcam dot com
Subject: Sybperl bcp_init didn't work !!!
Date: Jun 9 1998 10:09AM

       Dear all,

       Recently I'm trying to migrate our SQL Server to version from 11.0.3 but found that the Sybperl bcp_init
       command failed with the newer version.  Here I would like to
       see if any of you had the following software combination that
       is working:

       - HPUX 10.20
       - Sybase SQL Server
       - Sybperl 2.09.04
       - Perl 5.004.04

       Note that the same bcp_init call worked perfectly fine with the
       11.0.3 version so I'm thinking of the version compatibility
       issue.  All comments are welcome.

       Thanks in advance.

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