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From: Craig Jackson <CRAIGJ at epub dot med dot iacnet dot com>
Subject: Re: Sybperl bcp_init didn't work !!!
Date: Jun 9 1998 2:01PM

>       Recently I'm trying to migrate our SQL Server to version
> from 11.0.3 but found that the Sybperl bcp_init
>       command failed with the newer version.  Here I would like to
>       see if any of you had the following software combination that
>       is working:

This is a bug we hit, too.  There's a bug in the DBLib bcp library which
has been there forever, which causes it to send incorrect SQL syntax.  (BCP
does several selects inside the library to determine things about the schema of
the table being manipulated.)  In the update, they made that bad
syntax cause an error.  (They tightened up their parsing.)

This is fixed in two ways.  The next EBF of OpenClient will fix the bug in bcp,
and the next EBF of SQL Server (11.0.4) takes out the tightened syntax check.

We found that we could program around it.  I think that the key items were to
always do a dbuse() to the database before doing the bcp_init(), and don't do
any other intervening dbuse()s.  If need be, I can get the programmer who did
the work-around to post the exact working and failing sequences.

Craig Jackson
Electronic Publishing,
Information Access Company