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From: John_Erjavec at cargill dot com
Subject: Re: CGI with Apache and Sybperl on Red Hat 5.0/5.1
Date: Jun 8 1998 8:04PM

     This isn't a Sybase problem or a SybPerl problem, it is a CGI 
     problem.  When you are outputting the headers, it is receiving a 
     premature ending.  If you post the relevant parts of the code, 
     someone might be able to help you here, but a better place to look 
     would be someplace like comp.infosystems.www.cgi (I think that is the 
     whole path), or, if you are interested in a mailing list, you could 
     check out the HTML Writer's Guild at .  Two of 
     their mailing lists (-languages and -servers) would have people able 
     to help you out in this situation.  HTH.
     John Erjavec V

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Subject: CGI with Apache and Sybperl on Red Hat 5.0/5.1
Author:  nathan ( at mtka-unix-mime
Date:    6/8/98 11:54 AM

I have built sybperl successfully on a Redhat 5.0 and 5.1 machine, but have 
encountered the same problem using it with Apache in both cases. Here are 
the specifics:
- perl 5.004_04
- sybperl 2.09_04
- dynamically linked ctlib distribution 
- Apache 1.2.6 and 1.3.0
Although building sybperl statically failed in every case that I tried, 
building it dynamically was successful in that I could run scripts from the 
command line without any problem.  However, when I tried to get CGI scripts 
with Apache to run, they fail with a server error every time.  The error log 
shows the generic 'premature end of script headers' error.  I don't think 
that it is an environment variable problem or a problem with the interfaces 
file.  I've set the SYBASE environment var. explicitly with the SetEnv 
directive, I've tried using the more verbose error logging that Apache 1.3.0 
provides, but it gives me nothing more helpful than the above error message. 
The interfaces file that I'm using works fine with scripts run from the 
command line, and with other Red Hat machines running 4.2. I'm thinking that 
it is some sort of incompatibility between Apache and sybperl resulting from 
the new glibc that Red Hat 5+ uses, but that is just a guess.
If anyone out there has any suggestions (other than downgrading to 4.2), 
they would be greatly appreciated.  I will downgrade as a last resort, but 
if anyone has had success with RedHat 5.x, Sybperl and any web server (not 
just Apache), I'd like to hear about your experiences in order to help 
narrow down the source of the problem.
Nathan Harper
Web Design Group, Inc.
Ph: 312.951.6688
Fx: 312.951.6588