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From: Tom Poindexter <poindexter dot tom at tci dot com>
Subject: Re: cgi perl speed.
Date: Jun 5 1998 2:46AM

Adding to "perl per se is probably not the problem"

I've been using FastCGI with good results on Unix, Apache, (and Sybtcl/Oratcl 
of course!)  FastCGI is a nice solution.  You can usually convert your existing
cgi code to use FastCGI with little trouble.  It usually involves wrapping
up your code into a big while loop.  Each FastCGI process runs in its own
process space, and talks to the web server via sockets.  FastCGI processes
start up once, wait for a connection, process, then wait again.  This
allows you to also make your DB connections ahead of time.

Alas, most FastCGI development has been on Unix /w Apache.  There has been 
some work porting Apache and FastCGI to NT, I don't know the current state
of function/stability.  

A commercial FastCGI module (ddl, whatever) exists for IIS on NT, and Netscape
on Unix.  Try

Prices seem pretty reasonable.  They include FastCGI aware interpreters for
Tcl and Perl on Unix, presumably under NT as well.  

For more FastCGI info, see:  (and

Tom Poindexter