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From: sy50027 at milton dot sbi dot com (Simon Yaminian)
Subject: out of sync message
Date: Jun 4 1998 12:54PM


	I used the dbh->freebuf call in an effort to possibly alleviate the problems I had with out of sync processing. It was mostly a shoot in the dark but I also used it to free the command buffer after cancelling the current command batch to get it reset for the next one.

	What I would like to be able to do is to break an ongoing batch of 
commands that are submitted for execution through dbh->sqlexec call no matter 
what stage it is in without adversely impacting any of the control information
that Sybperl is keeping track of. Another words, I want to do a break and reset
providing that the command batch is not doing any updates or inserts to the 
data base even if it does, I would like to know if this is feasible before
commiting the updates.

	In the meantime, I am getting the messages below possibly as a result
of dbcancel or dbcanquery. I was still getting them even without the dbfreebuf

Sybase error: Datastream processing out of sync.
Sybase error: DBPROCESS is dead or not enabled.

	Please help.

Thank You
Simon Yaminian