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From: "Gavin J dot Sutcliffe" <gavin at SALTMINE dot RADIX dot NET>
Subject: Re: cgi perl speed.
Date: Jun 4 1998 1:00PM

> On Thu, 4 Jun 1998, Eric Johanson wrote:
> The perl.exe is eating up processor power like crazy.
> My question for all of you:   How can I speed this up?

Since you're running Perl code on an NT box, I'd suggest taking a look at
some tools from ActiveState. I assume that the majority of your load is
coming from launching the Perl interpreter (perl.exe).

I've had pretty good results with the ActiveState tools, particularly
PerlEx and PerlScript. PerlEx is a server plug-in, so you won't need to
launch perl.exe for each request. PerlScript lets you embed Perl (a
subset, anyway) into HTML pages that get parsed on the server. Free tiral
downloads are available.

- Gavin

BTW, I have no connection with ActiveState. I just like their tools.
Speaking as one raised on UNIX and forced into frequent NT systems
development, it's nice to see Perl working mostly right on that platform.

Gavin J. Sutcliffe