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From: Eric Johanson <ERICJ at AMC-DIRECT dot COM>
Subject: cgi perl speed.
Date: Jun 4 1998 9:24AM


I'm using Syperl to access a sybase sql server...  
(BTW, it works great) 

It's for a online ordering system, that is currently live!

We have been getting an increase in traffic, and the server is kept quite
busy, running the perl scripts.  
Whenever any perl script runs, it uses 100% of the processors for a second
or two. This is normally not a problem, however, when you have 4+ people on
the site at once (including internal usage.), the server slowwwwws way down.
The perl.exe is eating up processor power like crazy. 

My question for all of you:   How can I speed this up? 

I've Optimized my perl code as much as I can, but I think it's just the
"running" of perl, that is causing all the trouble. A script that contains
something as simple as "print " testing   "; " is
taking just about as much power as the database driven scripts. It might be
something in my installation of perl.  I just don't know! 

While people are viewing just static pages, the server never gets above 15%

The system is currently: (dell 4200)  dual PPro 300, 384 megs of ram, 15 gig
raid 5 system. 
I have expanded both the SQL engines to use a large cache, to keep access of
the disk down low.  At this point, I don't think upgrading the server will
help this situation any more.  :)   

Running on the system is:  IIS 3.0   Sybase 11, MS SQL 6.5 (yukie, don't
ask, it has to be there), Seagate Backup Exec 7.

If you'd like to checkout the pages I'm talking about, go here:

Once you are inside the dynamic pages of the catalog, two perl scripts are
being called with each click. One for Nav frame up top, and one for the main
"content".   This is the first database driven web site I've put together,
so I'd like to know what ya'll think about it!

Oh, and Michael, It amazes me that you provide such excellent email support
for a freeware product.  I wish more people had your sort of attitude.
Thumbs UP!

Thanks for taking the time to read over this email,
Eric Johanson - Web Engineer
Advanced Multimedia Concepts - Redmond, WA
425 558 3125 -

ps.   Despite the fact that I've been on this list for quite some time, I've
never posted to it. :)