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From: Tom Poindexter <poindexter dot tom at tci dot com>
Subject: Re: Unix/MS SQL Server connectivity
Date: May 29 1998 11:19PM

On Fri, May 29, 1998 at 03:51:01PM -0700, Michael Peppler wrote:

> How many DBlibrary apps are there still out there? Sybase wouldb't get 
> a way with deciding that SQL Server (or 12.x) will not work at
> all with DBlibrary (of course Sybase doesn't have MS's clout :-)
>  >       Redbrick: up to 5.x    Sybase's DB-Lib through an open server
>  > 		5.0.12       DB-Lib and native ODBC (even on Unix), warning 
>  > 				that DB-Lib going away
>  > 		5.0.15       DB-Lib gone, only ODBC
> Meaning that the server was capable of understanding multiple
> protocols (TDS for DBlibrary, and something else for the native ODBC
> stuff). I don't know if MS-SQL 6.x works the same way. If it does (ie

I've only started working with RedBrick at 5.0.x, so I don't know all of
its history.  Up to 5.0.12, RedBrick licensed Sybase's Open Server code
for it's interface (gee, just like Sybase alway touted :)  The Open Server ran
as a separate process.  RB now has a native ODBC interface, which runs
as another process.  Each in turn connects to the database server using (?,
pipes, shared mem, whatever?)

I have no idea how MS-SQL server works.

> But I still think that dropping backwards compatibility is a stupid
> thing to do...

Agreed.  And that's my point also.  I think Sybase would be stupid to
completely drop DB-Lib.  And I also gave hell to the RB sales folks
about dropping the Open Server/DB-Lib interface.

Concerning Microsoft: they would be unwise (at least in the eyes of us 
techies) to drop DB-Lib support.  However, MS has more of a track record 
of "upgrade or risk falling behind".

Tom Poindexter