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From: Daniel_G_Drumm at rsh dot net
Subject: Re: Unix/MS SQL Server connectivity
Date: May 29 1998 10:30PM

trey@ZIPCON.NET (Trey Valenta) on 05/29/98 04:55:24 PM

Please respond to

To:   SybPerl Discussion List 
cc:    (bcc: Daniel G Drumm/Rush/RSH)
Subject:  Re: Unix/MS SQL Server connectivity

> What are you Unix folks who need to access MS SQL servers via Perl doing
> when you switch over to MS SQL Server 7.0?  According to MS, they are
> dropping support of DB-Library in v 7.0 (that doesn't necessarily mean
> that it will disappear; but if any problems come up, you're screwed).
> As far as I can tell, there is no ODBC Perl module for Unix.

i've wondered this too. I'm hoping that any change to 7.0 is delayed but
we don't necessarily have full control over that decision and I'm
dreading the change.

Funny how that works. We change because we are supposed to, because that's
Sybase dropped support for System 10, even though My System 10 DB works
just fine.