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From: Robb Canfield <robbc at canfield dot com>
Subject: Re: Segmentation Fault on full Transaction Log
Date: May 27 1998 7:43PM

I am using DBI/DBD Sybase version 0_07. I am hesitant to update to 0_09
since what I have is working (with the exceptions noted) and it is in final
testing! I have not altered any callback methods or the source.

CTLib generated segmentation faults on every run I did so I switched to
DBI/DBD assuming that I was missing something. I found you DBI/DBD
interface to be much easier to use for my purposes.


At 08:48 AM 5/27/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Robb Canfield writes:
> > It appears that if the Transaction Log becomes full DBI::SYBPERL exits
> > a segmentation fault (core dump). If I dump the Transaction log all works
> > perfectly. All other operations I am doing work fine.
>Are you using DBI/DBD::Sybase or Sybperl (ie Sybase::CTlib)?
>I would guess that the problem is related to the error handler
>callback, but I don't know what the exact problem could be. What
>version of DBD::Sybase or Sybase::CTlib are you using?
> > Platform: Linux (RedHat 5.0)
>Note that this platform is iffy WRT the Sybase libraries, so you could 
>also be seeing an incompatibility at the OS level.
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