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From: "Raja Sambamurty" <rajags at hotmail dot com>
Subject: Re: Error when checking
Date: May 26 1998 6:57PM


I don't think the sql line you have with (if exists...) is the problem. 
I use this all the time and often end the sub with a $dbh->sql ($sqlcmd) 
where sqlcmd actually has the whole "if .." logic in it. I think you 
might have some pending results with any of your prior sql commands. 
This is another reason I like to use the ->sql command as opposed to 
dbexec+dbresults+nextrow combo. my $0.2 worth


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>From: Rashmi Anand 
>Subject: Error when checking "if exists"
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>I am trying to check for the existance of a row and if it exists, send
>an update otherwise, send an Insert statement:
>if exists (select * from ... where ...)
>   begin 
>     Update ... where ...
>   end
>   begin 
>     Insert ...
>   end
>and I get the following error:
>DB-Library error: Attempt to initiate a new SQL Server operation with
>results pending.
>I don't think the above SQL is returning any results, and I am not
>expecting any, then why is dblib throwing the above error?
>Any help will be appreciated.
>Thanks in advance
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