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From: David Carter <david at SOLBORS dot NO>
Subject: RE: return only a subset of a result
Date: May 22 1998 12:49PM

Hi Albert,

> Well :) If it's post then all I need to do is loop through and skip and
> extract the rows that I want. Not much else you can do I suppose.
> So the time consuming part is the SQL itself. I am working with a
> > 40Gb database from which an average select statement (with filtering)
> will give me about 100,000 rows in return. So my aim is to not show
> everything in 1 go but show them in pages of, say, 10 or 20, at a
> time. Now if there's a way for me to specify which rows of the final
> result set that Sybase will return to me then that'll be idea. It'll be the
> most time efficient way to do it. But can it be done? That's the question.

Yep. Use a cursor in a stored procedure. I had a similar problem. You can
take a look at the end results here: 

I pass two main parameters to the procedure - the page number I want of
the result set and the number of items per page. Sounds like the sort of
thing you're after.

> Thanks :)