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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Question about Sybperl
Date: May 22 1998 12:17AM

ShanGao writes:
 > I have a question to you experts
 > We have Perl 5.003 and Sybperl 2.08 installed on an SGI IRIX64 6.4.  It used
 > to
 > work fine. One day the SGI crashed and we recoverd them. 
 > Now I get error message "Can't locate Sybase/ in @INC"
 > When I type
 > $ perl
 > use Sybase::sybperl;
 > I get message
 > Can't locate Sybase/ in @INC at - line 1.
 > BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at - line 1.

Two things.

First the line above should be (note the case)

	use Sybase::Sybperl;

Second, it looks like your SA recovered part of the perl libraries but 
not the rest (ie the Sybase related files in your perl library seem to 
have disappeared). They are normally in the site_perl directory of the 
perl library directory (often that is at /usr/local/lib/perl5, but it
might be elsewhere on your system, run perl -V to find out).

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