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From: Rick Smith <rsmith at NAC dot NET>
Subject: Re: CTlib or DBlib on FreeBSD
Date: May 21 1998 1:27PM

linux support under freebsd is awesome.  In fact, freebsd's superior
kernel and operability make running linux programs better than on linux
itself.  We've discovered linux sucks under load, and we're converting all
machines here to freebsd as soon as we can manage it.  I have tested ALL
my scripts on Freebsd with linux emulation running, and there's NO
difference in them.  I encourage everyone else to do the same if they
REALLY want a decent set of servers.

On Thu, 21 May 1998, David Carter wrote:

> Hi,
> I've searched through and the mailing list archive
> and found nothing positive relating to FreeBSD. As Sybperl is mostly going
> to be used in a networked situation, it seems a bit odd, apart from sheer
> popularity of Linux, for Sybase not to provide support for *BSD.
> Has anyone done this? The only way I know would be to use "Linux
> emulation", which, in my experience, has rarely been satisfying.
> Many TIA,
> David.