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From: Tim Holt <holt at roguewave dot com>
Subject: Sybperl in a fork'ed process?
Date: May 20 1998 4:27PM

Greetings all...

I need a little group confirmation of my theory here...

I've got a process (a CGI script) which establishes a connection to a
DB, does some initial processing & DB access to give proper feedback to
the page viewer.  It also has to do some subsequent SQL to update some
records.  I don't want to make the web user wait for the subsequent
processing to take place, so I fork off a process.

What's the state of a connection that's been forked?  Here's a code
sample.  Sybperl is "under" a module I use.
   # --- Initialize the connection, get customer info from id
   &Sql::initialize("mydb", "dbfoo", "user", "passwd");
   &Sql::getrow ("mydb", "customer", "*", "WHERE id=$cid", \%customer);
   print "Howdy $customer{name}!
\n"; # --- We're all done now w/customer info for the CGI. Now # --- spawn of a process to do further work that involves no # --- output to the person viewing this CGI script. unless ($pid=fork()) { # --- Call sproc to record sales incident $sproc = "eRWWebAppendSalesIncident"; $params{"IncidentId"} = $lastIncident; # --- This should be the protected page that they're about to go $params{"Item"} = "\"".$ENV{"SCRIPT_NAME"}.$ENV{"PATH_INFO"}."\""; &Sql::getsproc ($dbname, $sproc, %params, \%out); &Sql::results($dbname); } I seem to get odd errors (like "DBPROCESS is dead or not enabled") SOMETIMES (not always) inside the fork'ed code. So, here's a refined question: can I depend on the db connection (the $dbh that's maintained by my Sql module) to be around? Won't the first process that quits terminate the connection and leave the second one in an undefined state? I know that Sybperl drops the connection when the $dbh goes out of scope, but is this the same thing? Thanks for your input on this vexing problem. Tim Holt, (one of the) Webmaster(s) Rogue Wave Software