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From: Frank Solomon <sysfrank at pop dot uky dot edu>
Subject: Re: couple of simplistic questions
Date: May 20 1998 12:09PM

As I'm sure many will tell you, the "Print" command's output is sent via a
SQL Server message for which you can install a message callback to capture:

>> Server message: 
>> Message number: 0, Severity 10, 
>> State 1, Line 1
>> Message String: hello

I'll leave the second half of the question to someone else since I've been
using CTLib lately. . .


At 01:49 PM 5/19/98 -0400, you wrote:
>While I've been on the list for a while, I've only just started to do
>some Sybperl DBLib programming.
>I've got a couple of questions:
>1) How can you retrieve the output of SQL PRINT statements?
>2) If a stored procedure outputs more than one set of data (e.g.
>sp_helpdb) how can you tell where the first SELECT ends and the next
>Steven Wechsler/Sybase DBA/Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., Inc.
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